MV2 Modules

Our MES system is designed from the start to be customized to exactly what firms need. Select only the capabilities you need and add functionality as needed with our function specific MV2 Modules. Learn more about what modules are available and what they can do for your production operations.



MV2 Spinny 2021


With MV2 Production, operators will work on and report against the right job at
the right time. Errors are reduced or eliminated; notifications and alerts enable
a manage by exception approach allowing visibility across the enterprise.
A sequencing tool helps supervisors assess and manage daily dispatch lists.
The results of their decisions are immediately broadcast to all operator work
stations on the plant floor.


Quality management professionals are concerned with all aspects of production
operations that impact product quality and customer satisfaction. MV2 Quality
merges the world of production and quality into one seamless user experience,
catching product errors at their source. MV2 Quality offers flexible control plan
design, testing, non-conformance management and data extract capabilities.
Improved visibility translates into increased velocity of meeting or exceeding
quality requirements, and the ability to rapidly address non-conformance issues.


The MV2 Attendance module completely replaces manual and/or disparate
time reporting systems for shop floor personnel. MV2 allows you to reconcile
attendance data against production data in one system, thereby eliminating
the need to merge data from disparate systems to calculate variance time,
employee efficiencies and other production metrics.


The MV2 Kanban module builds on the simplicity of manual Kanbans by providing
a powerful set of tools, features and functions to improve the effectiveness of
this inventory management technique. As Material Handlers execute material
replenishments, MV2 will update Kanban boards, trigger alerts or even generate
ERP transactions to keep host business application(s) in step with shop floor activity.


Material is where the bulk of cost resides for the typical manufacturer, so having
visibility and accurate controls in place are critical to managing costs. As end
users enjoy a single interface to record all their activity, MV2 inventory takes
care of updating production orders, consuming component material and
acknowledging the completion of finished goods. Material Managers use MV2
to assess inventory levels, sort material by attribute, research serial numbers,
or create reports for additional analysis.


MV2 is Paper-Less' Premiere MES Software for the Microsoft Space.