Paper-Less presents MV2 MES at Microsoft Community Summit in October!

Community Summit North America (NA) is the largest independent gathering of the Microsoft Ecosystem. Thousands of people come together from around the globe each year for valuable insights and practical ideas that help them do more with Dynamics 365 and the Power Platform.  It’s where the industry comingles to see what’s new and what’s next. What’s…

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Why transition to the cloud? Why now?

Cloud computing symbols drifting right over binary code screen

Guest Blog from Infor… The world has changed dramatically since March 2020. Supply chain models and concepts that we took for granted have been stretched, and in some cases, broken. New business models, new market opportunities, and new ways of working have emerged. As has been said by many, the world will never be quite…

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Paper-Less Releases Version 5.4.0 Service Pack 2!

  Paper-Less is excited to announce the release of Paper-Less MES 5.4.0 Service Pack 2. Paper-Less makes it a top priority to continue providing our valued customers with the most efficient manufacturing execution system software (MES) in the industry – and that includes refining our current offerings to increase performance & reliability. In this spirit,…

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FABTECH 2021 in Chicago. Paper-Less presents MV2 MES!

  2021 marks 40 years of FABTECH.  The premier event for the metal fabricating industry.  Growing from a regional tradeshow into one of North America’s largest industry events.  And Paper-Less has been helping fabricators and manufacturers succeed for nearly 30 years.  FABTECH is where the industry comes together – to see what’s now, what’s new…

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2021 Coolest Thing Made in Wisconsin Contest

Coolest Thing Made in Wisconsin Logo

  Nominations are being accepted starting August 16!   This marks the 6th year of this annual contest, celebrating the novel and needed products manufactured by people in our hometowns.   Wisconsin Manufacturing Manufacturing is a part of Midwestern heritage.  And Wisconsin companies make an impressive and incredibly diverse list of products.  Top goods include…

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Trucking into 2021

Blurred image of trucks & freeway at sunset

Guest Blog from Acuity… Few working in the American trucking industry will deny that 2020 brought unique challenges to almost every sector of the trucking industry. The ongoing pandemic caused many motor carriers to scramble in Q2, with some losing a significant portion of their outbound freight due to the slowing or idling of some…

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Four keys to establishing intelligent supply chain control

Worker using tablet to check things with blurred warehouse background

Guest Blog from Infor… For supply chain professionals in your organization to receive the flexibility and agility they need to increase speed, drive down costs, and satisfy customers, there are four critical components your company must possess. These include real-time visibility, predictive insights, prescriptive decision support, and real-time collaborative execution, all of which can be…

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Manufacturing in the Midwest

Manufacturing in the midwest (more than agriculture), showing tractor assembly line

To this day I have a distinct memory… being a youngster on the school bus, recognizing I was getting close to downtown because of the smell of yeast. As you might have guessed, the town is Milwaukee, and that smell was beer being produced by one of the larger breweries (actually, turns out more of…

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How to Perform a Gemba Walk to Improve Your Manufacturing Operations

2 men in factory lane discussing Gemba walk

Guest Blog from Acuity… A great lean tool that is often overlooked and sometimes misunderstood is the gemba walk. Gemba comes from the Japanese word genba, meaning “the actual place.” In lean manufacturing, gemba refers to the place where things happen—the manufacturing floor. However, gemba is more than a walkthrough of the manufacturing or office areas. It’s…

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8 Types of Waste Within Manufacturing

Lean image, showing hand on dashboard showing productivity, quality and efficiency

Guest Blog from Acuity… Lean manufacturing is something nearly everyone in the industry talks about and strives to achieve. Lean manufacturing is a method of identifying and eliminating waste to improve the manufacturing process and give customers only what they are willing to pay for. Before we discuss ideas for reducing or eliminating waste, let’s…

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Interview with Simon Whitton: The Future of Robotics

Guest Blog from Acuity… This is Part 3 in a Series! Read Part 1 here. The world of robotics is constantly changing, and the needs of each industry can be very different. That is why we partnered with consultant Simon Whitton, managing director of SIRO Consulting Ltd, a boutique consulting company focused on the Industrial…

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