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Product Releases

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Folders communication with binary code

Paper-Less 5.4.8 Release

More updates to user interface that reduces confusion and streamlines functionality and many bug fixes to better ensure that functionality.

Paper-Less 5.4.7 Release

Update in usability with new top-level menu system to reduce clicks and numerous bug fixes to ensure better functionality.

Paper-Less 5.4.6 Release

Streamlining main user interface. Enhancements to BulkLoad Stored Procedures and bug fixes that include separating Paper-Less database updating from host SQL Server collation.

Paper-Less 5.4.5 Release

Enhancements to the user interface and streamlining login process for mobile device and operator panel users.  Continued styling updates and updates to user experience.

Paper-Less 5.4.4 Release

5.4.4 release has integrated enhancements to our Downtime Monitor Dashboard Component. We’ve certified support for SQL Server 2019, Microsoft Internet Explorer 11.0, Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox. And the web application received styling changes to modernize and standardize.

Paper-Less 5.4.2 Release

Service Pack 2 now uses Advanced Installer to execute & expedite the installation process.  Full and Mini Sync enhancements have been made.  And various repairs have additionally been performed in aid overall use & performance.

Paper-Less 5.4.0 Release

This release offers customers new features such as phase 1 of our material handling workflows.  Another major enhancement in 5.4.0 was done to the interface which imports data from the host ERP system into MES/MV2.  This is often referred to as the “sync” process.

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