ISE helped paint a picture – decreased errors and increased efficiency at Seymour!

THE CHALLENGE… Seymour was basically running its inventory management and shipping operations off “an index card system.” Vasquez was looking to move the organization to a “pick and ship system.” “We had problems picking wrong product because we utilized a very manual, paper-based system back then,” Vasquez explained. “In a manual system, there is always…
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Suited man's hand pointing to mechanical arm of many factory logo's in gear outlines.

ISE and Infor XA Help MetalTek Establish International Relations

“ISE is very responsive to our business needs and does a great job at communicating what they’re learning from Infor. They keep us updated on offerings and software that we can leverage in our business.” Jeffery Jones, Corporate Director of IT What Wasn’t Working In 1998, the legacy, home-grown system that MetalTek was using at…
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Close up of corner on modern building with multiple brick and facing types

ISE Forges a Lasting Relationship with Brampton Brick

ISE Forges a Lasting Relationship with Brampton Brick About Brampton Brick  Since 1871, Brampton Brick has been helping to mold the skylines of major towns and cities. With one of the most advanced brick-making facilities in the world, Brampton Brick produces over 300 million clay bricks a year, in addition to an unsurpassed selection of…
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