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5 Why’s of Problem Solving

  There are many ways to go about problem solving, especially in a business setting. But one method that has proven effective in manufacturing is the 5 Whys. It is a problem-solving tool that is used to dig deep and explore the cause-and-effect relationships underlying a problem. The goal is to identify the root cause of the problem, so you can resolve the issue rather than implementing a solution to a symptom or an effect. Sakichi ...
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What is PDCA or Plan-Do-Check-Act?

PDCA (Plan-Do-Check-Act) is a four-step management tool used to implement, manage, and drive continuous improvement. It is also a key part of lean manufacturing.   Walter Andrew Shewhart Ph.D., a data scientist at Bell Laboratories, is credited with developing the ...
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IoT in 2021 (infographic)

The "Internet of Things" is exploding. It is made up of billions of "smart" devices-from miniscule chips to mammoth machines-that use wireless technology to talk to each other (and to us). Most IoT smart devices aren't in your home or ...
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What Have Manufacturers Learned in 2020

This year has been a stressful year for many, including manufacturing company owners and leaders.   Many thought that 2019 was a tough year, with the trade war and skilled labor shortage. Then, in early spring of 2020, the COVID-19 ...
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Gnome figurine in snow skiing with tall red hat

Holiday Edition : How does Santa Claus recruit elves to work in his factory?

Everyone knows that there's a workshop up at the North Pole that churns out a good percentage of the toys, cookies and candy canes received every Christmas, but you may not have realized that as the world's population grows, more ...
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Machine Learning (infographic)

The nature of manufacturing systems faces ever more complex, dynamic and at times even chaotic behaviors. In order to being able to satisfy the demand for high-quality products in an efficient manner, it is essential to utilize all means available. ...
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Digital transformation graphic, cloud & business icons connected by lines

Does Digital Transformation Manufacturing Need Cloud?

In greater numbers, manufacturers are choosing the Cloud to deliver mission-critical ERP functionality and related applications to end users. It's true that many of the early adopters of Cloud ERP were motivated by cost reduction. Internal IT staff could spend ...
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The History of IoT (infographic)

The Internet of Things (IoT) has been around for some time now.  Simply described, IoT is a system of interrelated devices with the ability to transfer data over a network without requiring human interaction.  Because of recent advances in architecture, hardware ...
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Man holding laptop looking over technology on table

Planning for the Future

Guest Blog from Acuity... Even as we continue to navigate through the COVID-19 pandemic, manufacturers need to think about technology and the future of their businesses. Here are five technologies every manufacturing leader should be considering.   Mixed reality (MR) ...
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Logistics, Hard-hatted worker happily riding pallet jack in warehouse towards loading dock

Moving your Warehouse from Cost Center to Competitive Differentiator

Guest Blog from Infor... Many organizations tend to view warehouse operations as cost center due to the labor, equipment, and physical inventory. However, with business models rapidly changing through e-commerce, omni-channel, curbside pickup, 3D printing, and more, warehouse operations empower ...
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Forging Ahead in the “New Norm” – Innovation & Awareness

HAPPY MANUFACTURING MONTH! Here we are in “new normal” for the manufacturing space… well in all spaces really.  Each day, more and more companies are adapting, finding ways to get back up to speed.  In navigating forward there seems to ...
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Supply Chain image, smart phone use overlaying globe icons & various logistics methods

Building a Better Supply Chain for Your Business

Guest Blog from Acuity... I have been involved in the manufacturing industry since 1979 and have worked in a wide range of industries for multinational, small, and mid-size companies. Though there was rarely a dull moment, I think 2019 and ...
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Infor XA, Why Upgrade?

Infor announced the end of life for its 9.1 Release of XA on June 30, 2020.  What this means is that Infor Support will still try to help Customers if they have a problem, but no new fixes for that ...
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