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Forging Ahead in the “New Norm” – Innovation & Awareness

HAPPY MANUFACTURING MONTH! Here we are in “new normal” for the manufacturing space… well in all spaces really.  Each day, more and more companies are adapting, finding ways to get back up to speed.  In navigating forward there seems to be a renewed emphasis on adaptation; being able to shift and evolve is more important than ever.  Many corporations are finding their way thru by incorporating new technologies, mainly to help with new regulations; but ...
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Supply Chain image, smart phone use overlaying globe icons & various logistics methods

Building a Better Supply Chain for Your Business

Guest Blog from Acuity... I have been involved in the manufacturing industry since 1979 and have worked in a wide range of industries for multinational, small, and mid-size companies. Though there was rarely a dull moment, I think 2019 and ...
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Infor XA, Why Upgrade?

Infor announced the end of life for its 9.1 Release of XA on June 30, 2020.  What this means is that Infor Support will still try to help Customers if they have a problem, but no new fixes for that ...
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Coolest Thing Made in Wisconsin Logo

2020 Coolest Thing Made in Wisconsin Contest

Nominations are being accepted starting August 17!   This marks the 5th year of this annual contest, celebrating the novel and needed products manufactured by people in our hometowns. Wisconsin companies make an impressive and incredibly diverse list of products.  ...
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Working at night, Closeup of hands typing on back lit laptop in dark

Restoring Your Missing PUI Database

If you’ve tried to apply an update to Infor XA’s PUI (Product Update Information) Tool lately, you might have been surprised to see your entire PUI Database disappear!  Luckily, this is easy to fix.   PUI is a tool provided ...
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Blue themed city diagram + Infor Logo

6 Simple Steps to Experiencing “Next Gen” XA – Part 2

By Sherry Widrick & Stephanie Wickstrom. Welcome back!  In Part 1 of this 2-part blog, we uncovered the first (3) simple steps in getting started with the new, next-gen XA User Experience (UX).  These preliminary steps highlighted the progression towards ...
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Modern Red lit building with skywalk + Infor ERP Logo

6 Simple Steps to Experiencing “Next Gen” XA – Part 1

By Sherry Widrick & Stephanie Wickstrom. The Infor XA Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) suite has a LONG history – over 40 years in the marketplace.  Evolving FROM “green screen” AS/400 interfaces TO “web-based, graphical interfaces” that also incorporate tools for ...
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IoT script in white over chalkboard style drawings of web connection, devices, world and terms

IoT – The Inevitable Revolution for Manufacturing

The Internet of Things (IoT) has been around for some time now.  Simply described, IoT is a system of interrelated devices with the ability to transfer data over a network without requiring human interaction.  Because of recent advances in architecture, ...
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Human Error depicted by Black figure pushing question mark ball

Minimizing Human Error in Manufacturing: 5 Key Technology Safeguards

To Err is Human, to Preempt Using Technology is Bliss. For over twenty years now, the Hubble Space Telescope has been providing NASA with spectacular images of space.  Back when it was created and installed, only blurry and distorted images ...
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Middle of hourglass looked at by Ben Franklin $100 Bill image

High Availability & Disaster Recovery – Part III

Jump back to the start of this 3 parts series here. More and more options are available to move Production or Fail-over systems to the cloud.  This may be as simple as a customer-owned system moved to a co-location site.  ...
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2 workers in protective gear overlooking & pointing to blurred scenery.

Communication is Key…During COVID-19, and Maybe more so After.

Neighborhood wide, Nationwide, and Enterprise wide. In hard times, it’s easy to dwell on what you can’t do.  But resilient people and pioneering companies often see this as the time to reevaluate.  When struggling, often the best place to start ...
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Clock image overlaying calendar image

High Availability & Disaster Recovery – Part II

Get up to speed on HA/DR in Part 1 of this series. An additional key aspect to consider in your Infor & IBM environment is planned downtime events, and the ability of your business to tolerate downtime events for regular ...
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High Availability & Disaster Recovery – Infor XA and IBM i

Many companies are faced with challenging decisions regarding the need for continuous accessibility to their business systems.  This document will discuss the concepts and approaches related to High Availability (HA) and Disaster Recovery (DR) specifically aligned to Infor XA on ...
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