MV2 Shop Floor Management

Your Shop Floor Visibility and Velocity Solution

MV2 is a powerful and robust Manufacturing Execution System (MES) that helps manufacturing firms get the most out of their existing resources & processes at a fraction of the cost of hiring workers or adding automation. MV2 MES provides its benefits through connecting down to PLC-level systems, and up to existing ERP systems, to offer real time reporting and management of workers, machines and operations across the entire production facility.


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An MES is a critical piece in the middle of the systems supporting a manufacturing company. Communicating up & down the chain, to machines, floor workers and other staff (supervisors, managers, executives), the MES supplies pertinent real-time accurate information…on what to make, what’s been done & by who, and more.

Accurate, Real-time Data    Better Decisions

Our MES system is designed from the start to be customized to exactly what firms need. Select only the capabilities you need and add functionality as needed with our function specific MV2 Modules. Learn more about what modules are available and what they can do for your production operations

Learn how the MV2 Manufacturing Execution System can monitor and manage the entire production floor from one system and how its abilities can lead to next-level efficiency, throughput and profitability.

Other Advantages


Mobile & Multi-Device Interoperability

Material handlers, production workers or managers may easily gain access to key data within MV2 whether using a desktop or mobile devices.

Multi-Language Support

MV2 allows users to change the application to meet their language preference.  This capability increases adoption and application use.


A software platform which connects, monitors and coordinates complex manufacturing systems, data flows, as well as people on a shop floor. The main goal of an MES is to oversee and synchronize the execution of manufacturing operations and improve production output of the factory.



MES helps shop floor workers focus their time on doing, rather than reading and typing.  Minimizing input utilizing touchscreens, bar codes and “predictive” transactions (that only need confirmation, not data entry), workers will save keystrokes and footsteps.

MV2 Helps By:

  • Improving On-Time Manufacturing
  • Increasing Visibility into Manufacturing
  • Helping Adoption of Lean
  • Eliminating Manual Processes


  • Decreasing Rework & Scrap
  • Increasing Material Throughput
  • Supporting Change Management
  • Fostering Employee Collaboration & Improving Morale

MV2 MES has built in flexibility for working directly in the cloud, completely on-site or a blend of both. With the ability to transition when the environment dictates.

Learn more about MV2 hosting and business system integration!

MV2 is the culmination of 35 years and multiple decades of knowlege, skill, development, and customer input. We deliver tangable results which our customers will endorse.

A Partnership You Can Trust

We support our customers across the entire service life of our MES systems. From providing on-site analysis of our customer’s needs and processes to following that up with software integration and training at the customer’s facilities, we are invested in our customer’s success.  Learn more about our integration process, customer service capabilities and our XTend services that can develop extensions to customize installations to support specialized processes and needs.

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