Kanban Module

MV2 Kanban

The MV2 Kanban module builds on the simplicity of manual Kanbans by providing a powerful set of tools, features and functions to improve the effectiveness of this inventory management technique. As Material Handlers execute material replenishments, MV2 will update Kanban boards, trigger alerts or even generate ERP transactions to keep host business application(s) in step with shop floor activity.

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Kanban is a simple, powerful and effective inventory management technique. However, it does have significant drawbacks including lost cards, line of sight issues, and requires manual updates to F&O. The MV2-Kanban module overcomes these issues with a broad set of capabilities preventing you from experiencing the pain of “out-of-control” inventory. As assembly personnel, storeroom or material handlers scan bins full/empty, MV2-Kanban will:

  • update Kanban boards & operator panels
  • trigger alerts
  • generate XA inventory transactions


MV2-Kanban delivers powerful results for your organization. Our tools increase visibility, eliminate redundant data entry and support better execution. Better visibility, better execution, better performance of your business. Other MV2 modules include:

Production   •   Quality   •   Inventory   •   Attendance


MV2-Kanban provides a powerful set of features to address the shortcomings of manual Kanban systems. We will enhance the way you manage your Kanban controlled inventory with these helpful features:

  • Multiple replenishment types
  • Kanban boards reflect Loop/bin status
  • Alerts identify:
    - Loop status
    - Slow moving Kanbans
    - Lost Kanbans
  • Analysis tools to assess historical
    Kanban activity

End users enjoy:

  • Simplicity
  • One screen for all
    demand (MO or KB)

MV2-Kanban will accelerate and simplify the adoption of lean principles between workcenters and across departments within your organization.


“Continuous Improvement is better than delayed perfection.” -Mark Twain

MV2 is Paper-Less' Premiere MES Software for the Microsoft Space.