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MV2 Inventory

Material is where the bulk of cost resides for the typical manufacturer, so having visibility and accurate controls in place are critical to managing costs. As end users enjoy a single interface to record all their activity, MV2 inventory takes care of updating production orders, consuming component material and acknowledging the completion of finished goods. Material Managers use MV2 to assess inventory levels, sort material by attribute, research serial numbers, or create reports for additional analysis.

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Inventory. Too much is not good, not enough is worse. Operating within today’s tight supply chains, budgets and fast paced production environments requires accurate and timely data to avoid both scenarios. Even unexpected delays (consider the amount of manpower deployed to search for a critical missing component) can translate to missed shipped dates, and lost future sales with your customers. MV2-Inventory delivers tools that enable visibility and increase the velocity of material movement across your shop floor. As production orders get updated, we can consume component material, complete finished goods, print labels and generate notifications…all without touching another button. Complete yet simple. Material managers can assess inventory levels, sort material by attribute, even research serial numbers in MV2-Inventory. Better visibility, better execution, better performance of your supply chains. Other MV2 modules include:

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Material is where the bulk of the costs reside for the typical manufacturer, so accurate cost controls and management are critical to keeping costs that can be controlled under control. The critical sources of inventory data on the shop floor combine inventory, production and lean methodologies. Why have disparate systems when the information is derived from the same production process? We believe the opposite is true – one system drives simplicity. MV2 sets itself apart by combining inventory, production and lean methodologies in one integrated solution. One system increases accuracy, speed, and the efficiency of all your employees. MV2-Inventory tracks & manages a fundamental component of every manufacturer – your supply chains – with simplicity, effectiveness and cost control.

• NO visibility into actual on-hand inventory

• Stockouts / Shortages

• Excess inventory /Writeoffs

• Redundant data entry

• Paper pick lists

• Inaccurate data

• Keeping F&O up to date

• Reporting when F&O is unavailable



“The more inventory a company has, the less likely they will have what they need.” - Taiichi Ohno

MV2 is Paper-Less' Premiere MES Software for the Microsoft Space.