MV2 x Hexagon (1)

Paper-Less has joined forces with Hexagon, a leading provider of sensor, software, and autonomous solutions. This powerful integration combines the innovative technology from both companies to enhance productivity while driving top-quality results across industrial enterprise applications—all through leveraging MV2's advanced capabilities.

Elements of Factory of the Future

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Key Capabilities

  • Machine Connectivity between MV2 and instrumented equipment and factory sensors
  • Reduce the need for human intervention in reporting machine conditions and production output
  • Evidence-based OEE Metrics and Analytics
  • IoT Suitcase = same-day deployment and reporting for diagnostics

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Machine Connectivity

  • Capture real-time data from Production Equipment
  • Relevant MV2 data registered through APIs
  • On-board Metrics/Analytics

IoT Suitcase - Portable Controller

This portable configuration is used in proof-of-concept deployments, as well as diagnostic engagements. The hardened case has everything needed to connect to factory equipment and production lines to collect production data (pieces, cycles, downtime) as well as process data (Temp, RPM, Vibration, Flow, etc.). The solution is intended to be rapidly deployed to collect information, then removed from service after a short engagement – typically one week.

The suitcase is also configured to minimize the up-front Engineering effort required to deploy, as well as the impact on the customer's equipment, network infrastructure, and staff.  With onboard 5G communications and a network switch, the suitcase can be deployed into a production environment and produce data for real-time dashboards the same day!


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