How to Perform a Gemba Walk to Improve Your Manufacturing Operations

2 men in factory lane discussing Gemba walk

Guest Blog from Acuity… A great lean tool that is often overlooked and sometimes misunderstood is the gemba walk. Gemba comes from the Japanese word genba, meaning “the actual place.” In lean manufacturing, gemba refers to the place where things happen—the manufacturing floor. However, gemba is more than a walkthrough of the manufacturing or office areas. It’s…

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8 Types of Waste Within Manufacturing

Lean image, showing hand on dashboard showing productivity, quality and efficiency

Guest Blog from Acuity… Lean manufacturing is something nearly everyone in the industry talks about and strives to achieve. Lean manufacturing is a method of identifying and eliminating waste to improve the manufacturing process and give customers only what they are willing to pay for. Before we discuss ideas for reducing or eliminating waste, let’s…

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