Paper-Less Benefits & Features

Plan.   Produce.   Profit.

Paper-Less is the culmination of 35 years and multiple decades of knowlege, skill, development, and customer input. We deliver tangable results which our customers will endorse.


  Improving On-Time Manufacturing

   Increasing Visibility into Manufacturing

   Helping Adoption of Lean

   Eliminating Manual Processes


  Decreasing Rework & Scrap

  Increasing Material Throughput

   Supporting Change Management

  Fostering Employee Collaboration

& Improving Morale

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Production Execution

  • Electronic Routings & Sub-routings
  • Production Reporting
  • Labor Reporting
  • Prioritized Dispatch List
  • Job Sequencing
  • Online Shop Packets


  • Kanban Management
  • Kanban Boards
  • Color Coded Status Indicators
  • Co-mingled Replenishment Types on a Dispatch List
Kanban board drawing
Line drawing of fork lift

Material Tracking

  • Backflush Material by Operation
  • Batch Lot and FIFO Tracking
  • Track Material Genealogy
  • Mobile Material Screens
  • Integrated Labeling

WIP Quality

  • Quality Plans & Testing
  • Tracking & Trending Quality Data
  • Non-Conformance Reporting
  • Non-Conformance Audit History
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Workforce Management

  • Time & Attendance
  • Security & Roles
  • Activity Reports
  • Alerts & Notifications