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When looking for solutions to problems, customers need answers fast. Often times they know where the problem lies but wading through a mountain of product information is not the best way to determine if a product is going to solve their issue. They have a specific area of interest and need to know if a product will address their issue. For that reason we have created this section to help you navigate the features that support a broad range of requirements within a manufacturing environment. We invite you to explore the many areas Paper-Less provides functional solutions designed around you.

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Efficient Reporting

Efficient tracking and reporting of attendance, labor and production activities.

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Timely & Accurate Material Tracking

Seamlessly integrate production      and inventory reporting to enhance visibility into tracking materials.

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Reduce time, money and paper on the shop floor

A Paperless Shop Packet makes key documentation available online for immediate access by production workers.

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Optimize Resource Utilization

Simplify the scheduling process. The automated tool allows production supervisors to schedule workloads on a daily basis.

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Improve Quality Performance

Ensure that consistent and repeatable processes are used on the production floor to improve quality performance.

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Visibility Into Kanban statuses and activities

Paper-Less MV2 supports Kanban methods and lean manufacturing through electronic reporting and tracking tools.

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Track Genealogy

Configurable product traceability software is designed so that all information is consistently available when needed.

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