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Manufacturing execution system (MES) aids manufacturing communication, allowing your shop floor to function efficiently & effectively.

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The core of Paper-Less' holistic digital manufacturing execution system (MES) solution. Paper-Less is shop floor visibility & velocity!

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Key features set Paper-Less apart from other software solutions when it comes to your shop floor.

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“Paper-Less has saved us thousands of dollars.  The main features we use are labor reporting, barcodes and wireless devices.  This give us the mobility to do inventory transactions without paper.  We now have visibility."

The Paper-Less Solution

When looking for solutions to problems, customers need answers fast. Often times they know where the problem lies but wading through a mountain of product information is not the best way to determine if a product is going to solve their issue. They have a specific area of interest and need to know if a product will address their issue. For that reason we have created this section to help you navigate the features that support a broad range of requirements within a manufacturing environment. We invite you to explore the many areas Paper-Less provides functional solutions designed around you.

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Learn how the Paper-Less solution fits your specific business needs.

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See how Paper-Less has benefited a variety of industry segments.

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We offer a collection of consulting services with proven results.

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4 MES Myths:

1. Only a fraction of an MES is used on the shop floor, so it's not really worth it.

An MES interacts with many applications already in place, coordinating the data; so there is overlap in functional areas (It is this overlap, which makes it paramount to choose the right MES).  Due to this, you may not always fully utilize every aspect of your MES.  But you’d be surprised by the variety of areas that can improve with better visibility—the more you know, the better your productivity.

One MES transaction feeds “the truth” to all these other areas...

    • ERP to reflect costs
    • LMS to reflect employee skills and experience
    • HRMS to feed into annual performance reviews
    • EAM to record machine cycles toward maintenance intervals
    • And others!

2. The MES implementation process is long.

While this is typical for many MES applications, Paper-Less can be up & running on your shop floor helping with your return on investment (ROI) by the 30-day mark.

3. An MES is really only needed for execution support, which we don't need.

The capability of an MES to collect and analyze data, and then derive insights immediately allows for better decision making, process coordination and maybe most importantly business agility.

How, and how much, you utilize an MES is up to each company. But you will not realize the direct and indirect benefits unless you take the time to sit down and analyze your situation.

4. It's not worthwhile to implement, as MES are not cloud-ready like most other programs.

Communication among various manufacturing applications is at an all-time high, and MES programs are advancing every day. Plus, couldn’t your company benefit from better visibility and velocity Now?