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Through Software!

In order to realize the full benefits of Paper-Less and truly harness the power of your production data, manufacturers should consider Paper-Less' complete solution. This strategy builds on the production module and extends a common user experience to address core requirements and needs of your shop floor including:

Production  •  Attendance  •  Inventory     Kanban  •  Quality

It is possible to start with the Paper-Less Production module alone and later add additional modules as your business needs dictate. Our team, together with yours, can find the best approach to achieve your shop floor production goals.

MES for XA Benefits List, white text over blue - Infor Solution Partner




  • Multiple device data share mobility icon with digital sharing

    Your Data... Where you want, when you want.

Mobile & Multi-Device Interoperability

Material handlers, production workers or managers may easily gain access to key data within Paper-Less whether using a desktop or mobile devices.

  • MES interaction diagram 'honeycomb' diagram with ERP

    Streamlined & Simplified

ERP Integration and Portability

Paper-Less has worked arm-in-arm with XA for over 20 years.  MES for XA offers unprecedented capability to integrate with the Infor XA ERP system. 

  • Multi-colored & shaped speech boxes representing Multilingual capacity of MV2

    Translation... Yes, I Understand!

Multi-Language Support

Paper-Less allows users to change the application to meet their language preference.  This capability increases adoption and application use.

Paper-Less, LLC is a wholly owned subsidiary of ISE, Inc. specializing in the design, development and support of a Manufacturing Execution System (MES) helping manufacturing companies go Paper-Less.

3 manufacturing gears illustration hovering over persons tablet; Paper-Less MES Business Need


  • Electronic Routings & Sub-routings
  • Production Reporting
  • Labor Reporting
  • Prioritized Dispatch List
  • Job Sequencing
  • Online Shop Packets


  • Kanban Management
  • Kanban Boards
  • Color Coded Status Indicators
  • Co-mingled Replenishment Types on a Dispatch List
Kanban Matrix Icon in cubes
Warehouse logistics, Warehouse worker interacting with tablet, in front of globe design, both overlay a warehouse background


  • Backflush Material by Operation
  • Batch Lot and FIFO Tracking
  • Track Material Genealogy
  • Mobile Material Screens
  • Integrated Labeling


  • Quality Plans & Testing
  • Tracking & Trending Quality Data
  • Non-Conformance Reporting
  • Non-Conformance Audit History
LED lit dial for quality turned up to "HIGH"
Business man holding clock with $ signs


  • Time & Attendance
  • Security & Roles
  • Activity Reports
  • Alerts & Notifications
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