ERP Transition & the Benefits of MES Portability

Transitioning to a new ERP is undoubtedly one of the biggest decisions a company can make.  Definitely not a decision to be made lightly, as it impacts many departments, numerous people, and multiple processes.  However, that choice doesn’t always necessitate much time being spent thinking about the company’s MES. The MES is the tool that…

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3 ways Even Small Manufacturing Firms can benefit from MES

Hand about to press power button in middle of circuit/target grid

Having high quality business software inhouse is thought of in the same way as automation systems – it seems that everybody should have them. But the popular assumptions are only the big players can afford systems like these and they just don’t bring the same value to high mix low volume producers.   As in…

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Getting to error free quotation of complex products

Young male programmer in glasses looking closely at screen analyzing code

Selling products with a high degree of customization can be a challenge. Aside from the issues at the forefront of everyone’s mind, like knowing what options are available which are not, keeping staff up to date on that availability and actually showing the customer what configurations would look like, the challenge of quoting the options…

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High Availability & Disaster Recovery – Part III

Middle of hourglass looked at by Ben Franklin $100 Bill image

Jump back to the start of this 3 parts series here. More and more options are available to move Production or Fail-over systems to the cloud.  This may be as simple as a customer-owned system moved to a co-location site.  Or as comprehensive as fully outsourced systems, managed services and high availability.  The variations can…

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High Availability & Disaster Recovery – Part II

Clock image overlaying calendar image

Get up to speed on HA/DR in Part 1 of this series. An additional key aspect to consider in your Infor & IBM environment is planned downtime events, and the ability of your business to tolerate downtime events for regular backups, system upgrades, etc.  Specifically for Infor XA, the daily backup requires that the XA…

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High Availability & Disaster Recovery – Infor XA and IBM i

Many companies are faced with challenging decisions regarding the need for continuous accessibility to their business systems.  This document will discuss the concepts and approaches related to High Availability (HA) and Disaster Recovery (DR) specifically aligned to Infor XA on IBM servers running the IBM i operating system.   The Differences between HA and DR…

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MES Features and Its Benefits to You

In part 1 of this blog we helped to clarify what an MES is and the role it plays in your well functioning manufacturing corporation. In review, an MES is the functional layer between the ERP and the process control systems on the factory floor. Giving manufacturers real-time workflow visibility, flexibility, and insight into how…

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What is MES? Manufacturing Execution System Defined.

Hardhat worker profile, depicting“inside out” or a worker-centric MES model.

Today, many consumers do their “due diligence” in making purchases, whether it’s using consumer reports, scouring the internet, or polling friends and family.  Making an informed decision makes all of us feel more comfortable moving forward with a purchase or project.  The time and effort you commit doing research probably has a lot to do…

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Job Shops & MES – Production Benefits on Many Levels

Colorful photo near end of Red Tractor Assembly Line

When most people think of manufacturing, they think of an assembly line—classic Henry Ford motor car production lines for example. The benefit of that system was the repetition brought about increasing consistency and a high number of finished items to be sold. This would be a classic example of low-mix, high-volume line (LMHV); where you…

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Guest Blog: Cyber Security for Manufacturers

Access, Businessman pointing at unlocked padlock icon of 9 icons in front of him

  At a high-level, what is cybersecurity, and why should manufacturers care? Are there benefits to utilizing an active versus passive protection system for manufacturers?  Cybersecurity is about protecting your industrial computer systems from unauthorized access, preventing theft, damage, or manipulation of those systems.   Unfortunately, industrial control networks were designed decades ago, before cyber…

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Is Your IBM Hardware Still Supported?

IBM typeball print head in Black and White

Is your IBM hardware still supported?   IBM systems have proven their reliability over the years and with that some customers have become somewhat complacent about maintenance.  If you have an “older” system that is not covered under maintenance and you needed a replacement part what impact might that have on your business?  How much time…

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$@&* passwords! (Multiple post-its vs. SSO)

Hands typing on laptop with overlay of various business graphs and symbols

We all have a number of online accounts for which a password is required; the bank, credit cards, your physician’s portal, social media, shopping sites, etc.  At ISE we trust that you are diligent at constructing a password that you can remember, but also that others would not easily be able to guess.  That can…

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