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Version 5.3




MES Version 5.3

Downtime functionality not workingLogging of downtime notifications now uses the site specific time zone to determine if the work center has been down long enough to require a notification to be sent.
Loading Item Admin page takes minutes with large number of itemsImproved performance of Item Admin page.
Physical Inventory template still active after it has been deletedResets a user's inventory setting to default when their current inventory setting is deleted.
Changing dashboard window size causes blocking copyright bannerCopyright banner no longer moves and blocks part of the components.
Fix 5.2 script 74 error that allows null value in EmployeeSiteSetting when not allowedUpgrade script 74 now runs correctly on databases prior to version 5.2 version 74 that have deleted sites.
Unable to logout from KPI screensAdding date-fns JS library for KPI pages to allow user to logout correctly.
Crew page doesn't start at the top of the pageCrew page now starts at the top of the page when adding more crews in the Work with Crews page.
Database migration script process must be improvedCreated a new database utility to manage the creation, updating and deleting of MES databases.
Making changes in WIP Action Button Settings on Workcenter Admin then clicking 'Save', the page does not go back to the top so user can see '...saved successfully.' messageWorkcenter Admin was updated to move focus to the top of the page when user saves changes to WIP Action Button Settings, Alternate Workcenter Settings, WIP Action Button Rule Settings as well.
Touchscreen login password gets removed if user enters 'Username' then 'Password' then having to change 'Site'Now when logging in to the touchscreen and the user enters their Username and Password then clicks the button to change their Site, Username and Password will be retained.
Change Work Schedule with Shop Activity ManagementUser is able to change employee work schedule in SAM without error.
Error in MES Attendance since applying patchFixed error that would appear when going back from the Clock In screen when using alternate usernames.
Data Error occurs when user creates a Start/Stop Downtime then goes to view it in the Downtime Codes View Grid HyperlinkFixed error viewing Downtime Activity Inquiry Grid.
Adding Downtime Monitor to a Component Window in the Dashboard does not workDowntime Monitor displays correctly on the dashboard now.
Data point in Dashboard does not carry the decimal places like the Portal Apps/KPIs graph doesChanged how data points are displayed for the Downtime KPI in the Dashboard. Workcenter is no longer being added in the title when adding or editing the 'Total Job' and 'Current Job'.
Crew Start Indirect not available but Crew Stop Indirect is inconsistentAdded Indirect Labor to Crew Start.
In the Downtime Monitor component, circle changes color when other components in the dashboard are editedDowntime Monitor circle no longer changes color when other components are edited.
When editing a component in the Dashboard and choosing a different component then click ‘Apply’, both components will appear in that one sectionTwo components no longer appear in the same component window when changing one component to another.
Username & Username Field disappears from the Record Attendance screen when changing the Workforce Management and Workcenter Admin 'Start Run Labor' from 'Prompt For Username' to 'Use Logged in Credentials'Including Username field in Work with Attendance module regardless of Authentication Type setting.
Employee Calendar moveCalendar Start Date is no longer changeable and End Date updates correctly when an Employee is removed from one Calendar and added to another.
Hold and release processAllow users of Manufacturing Order Info to place operations on hold, or release existing holds on operations.
My User Profile doesn't allow user to change languageCulture/language change box now saves correctly from User Profile page
Crew is not being positioned to the top Crew Stop OnlyIf a user is part of a crew when using stop crew labor to job off only, then the crew they are on will be at the top of the crew list.
Logging out Changes the Language Back to EnglishEmployees can now change their culture setting even if they aren't an admin.
Crew Job Off Only not respecting require Attendance.Changed the behavior that selected all employees in a crew when doing a Stop Crew on a Job Off only workcenter. Now, only employees that are clocked in or have active labor are selected when you do a Stop Crew.
Investigate 5.2 running in different time zones Metal TEK bug.Changed how the local time timezone offset is stored so that when a user logs into MES, they do not affect other users offset.
WIP Buttons not properly enabled from Activity Job SearchStart setup/start run buttons fixed when not searching in a specific workcenter, e.g. the Job Search page.
Purchase Receipt Status Changes when Save is PressedThe purchase order status will remain at Completed after a user creates a transaction using a Purchase Order Receipt to Stock template that has the Order Completion Code set to Automatically Complete on Fulfillment.
Downtime Monitor disappears when changing layout in Admin mode but comes back with refreshDowntime Monitor component doesn't disappear anymore when you change the grid size of the dashboard. Downtime Monitor no longer replicates on launched dashboards.
When creating a new component in the top half of the dashboard then launching it into a new browser that component does not appearComponent no longer disappears when launching in a new browser and Downtime Monitor does not disappear when changing layout in Admin mode.
Start Crew Labor Back button doesn't work.The Back button in Start Crew Labor will take the user back to the WIP home page when there is only one crew.
Slow performance of user profileImproved performance of the User Info page and will set printer value to None if a printer is no longer available
Duplicates appear in the Workcenter dropdown list in the Edit Component popup, all versions & builds tested in ticket 442Duplicate workcenters are no longer displayed in the edit component popup
Downtime Flashes in Job SearchJob search screen no longer flashes during downtimes.
Dates Dont Save in the DashboardWhen editing a component, the dates matched correctly with the dates that were selected when the component was created.
WebApi loggingWe now log exception message details to PaperLess.MES.Logging.Unhandled.log in the PaperLess.MES.WebApi root folder.
Crew lists showing inactive/terminated crew membersCrew lists no longer showing inactive/terminated crew members.
Physical inventory in Mobile not getting includedPhysical inventory is now included in Mobile.
Job On/Off transactions with transaction times before the AttendanceThe automatic clock-in TA transaction is now the first transaction in the series when recording pieces and/or stopping labor,
Cannot Stop Crew because my crew was not one of the first 9 crews alphabeticallyCorrected the crews paging in Start Crew and Stop Crew.