Track Genealogy

Product Traceability Software Configurable settings to accomodate wide range of genealogy tracking needs

With ever increasing pressures on quality, recall concerns, or warranty considerations the need for tracking the genealogy of a product is on the rise. With Paper-Less MV2 product traceability is greatly enhanced. However, product traceability can mean significantly different things to different people. And even once the requirements are understood, the overhead to achieve the goal is often times simply not worth it. Paper-Less MV2 offers options on how to approach this requirement which affords the flexibility needed to embrace a variety of approaches. For some manufacturers a simple batch/lot tracking capability is all that is needed. MV2 has the ability to record batch/lot numbers for component level items as well as finished items.

Other environments may have more complex requirements to record and track serial numbers for end items or the components that make up those items. MV2 Product Traceability will provide the means to establish parent/component relationships which can later be used to explore relationships above or below a given identifier as a starting point. Configurable settings will ensure that required data is entered properly for traced items so that all information is consistently available when needed.

Since everyone’s needs are different, Paper-Less has designed MV2 so that it is configurable and can accommodate the diverse needs of our customers.