Reduce Time, Money & Paper on the Shop Floor

Shop Floor Software Immediate Access to Key Documentation

One of the biggest consumers of time, money and paper are the shop packets or travelers. Pertinent production information needs to be communicated from planners, schedulers and customer service to the workers on the production floor to ensure the job is accomplished as intended. Gathering, not to mention managing, the necessary paperwork to facilitate an accurate result is both time consuming and costly. Once the shop packets are published the problem is only worsened should a change occur for any aspect of the order.

These issues greatly subside, or can many times be eliminated, with an implementation of Paper-Less MV2. MV2 offers a Paperless Shop Packet which provides the opportunity to make what was historically hardcopy documentation available online and published to the plant floor through Paper-Less MV2. A Paperless Shop Packet makes things like manufacturing order details, setup instructions, procedural information, engineering drawings, instructional videos and more to be made available online for immediate access by production workers. In general terms, if it can be accessed on your network, internally or externally, it can be accessed by MV2.

The Paperless Shop Packet affords a tremendous opportunity to greatly reduce the time, energy and frustration that surrounds preparing a paper based shop packet. It can help avoid an all too common problem with producing bad parts simply because of inadequate communications or because someone did not follow through on informing production workers of a change. In this regard it is also supportive of lean manufacturing philosophies in that a tenet of lean is to reduce waste and non value-add activity.

Cleaning up the labor intensive activities around this topic supports the fundamental principles of lean manufacturing. The Paperless Shop Packet ensures the most up to date information is available at the fingertips of those who need to know at all times.