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The MV2 platform has been implemented in many different industry segments.  We invite you explore the benefits MV2 has provided to several key industries.

Aerospace, worker in overalls working between 2 partially assembled Jet engines


Track materials and genealogy and ensure that you adhere to increasingly complex compliance and regulatory requirements of the Aerospace industry.

Process, Frame of unfinished car at end of assembly line


Maintain brand integrity, reduce cost, and improve operational efficiency.

Order, Automated line separating bottles with yellow tops from filling/capping line

Contract Manufacturing

Experience real-time visibility into production processes for streamlining effectiveness and efficiency of operations.

Low Angle Close up of welding machine working on metal sheet

Metal Fabrication

Improve the accuracy of job costing, achieve on-time delivery and increase throughput.

Engineer in hardhat with tablet monitoring automated robotic arms working in plant

Other Discrete Manufacturers

Increase visibility into production operations and improve communication between the plant floor and the office.


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