Infor XA

Enterprise Resource Planning


For Discrete Manufacturing.  Infor® XA is a robust, comprehensive & secure ERP.

Engineer-to-Order  •  Configure-to-Order

Make-to-Stock  •  High-Volume Repetitive Manufacturing


For over 35 years, Infor XA has been a solution for a wide range of industries, including:

Industrial Equipment  •  Aerospace & Defense

High-Tech  •  Metal Fabrication  •  Medical Devices

Furniture & Fixtures  •  Automotive Suppliers  •  And More!


Infor XA’s modern, intuitive, and fully customizable interface will increase employee productivity by utilizing the Infor Development Framework (IDF) architecture

Enhanced security features

Easier upgrade paths with release transparency

Support for Infor Operating Service (OS) and Infor Ming.le® (business collaboration) 


Infor Strategy & Investment in the IBMi Platforms
Infor XA within the Infor OS Framework


Infor XA manages all business processes:

  •  prospect-to-cash

  •  design-to-manufacture

  •  source-to-pay

  •  financial management

Deep functionality exists to support global business operations:

  •  Multi-Book General Ledger

  •  Multi-Site Logistics

  •  Localizations across many countries

  •  Net-Link interface

Built for the most secure platform in the industry: the IBM® System i®

Provides a low total cost of ownership with unlimited scalability

XA - Statement of Direction

Infor continues to invest in XA.

S. SOMASUNDARAM CTO, President of Products, Infor

Infor XA in the Cloud

Providing organizations the infrastructure & managed services to run XA in the Cloud.

Top 5 reasons to upgrade to Infor XA Cloud

XA Cloud offers the robust functionality of Infor XA, without the upfront cost of new systems and servers.

ISE - The right resource for companies running Infor XA 

A certified partner for Infor & IBM, ISE has been providing solutions for 35years!

Infor XA PowerFlex with Infor OS

PowerFlex provides a bundled set of strategic core applications leveraging the latest Infor technologies.

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