Paper-Less Manufacturing

Performance Conference

Learn how MES software increases shop floor performance right now and in the future

Thursday, September 22

8:00 am - 12:30 pm 

Oakton Ballroom - The Ingleside Hotel

Why you should attend:

Apply the benefits of cloud computing to MES and learning how you can make your MES transition into the cloud

Learn about Paper-Less' industry 4.0 technologies that make processes easier and more lucrative for manufacturers

See and hear real world examples of how a Manufacturing Execution System (MES) can increase productivity and reduce waste

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About the event

The Paper-Less Manufacturing Performance Conference is the event where manufacturing professionals can get first-hand knowledge about streamlining shop floor activities with software and learn about how to be ready for the digital transformation sweeping the industry.  Get real-world examples of how Paper-Less MES can increase productivity, reduce waste and provide a real-time and historical understanding of a manufacturing firm’s production processes. Our goal is to energize your shop floor to help you make perfect parts on time. Learn how Paper-Less is working to find insight into better manufacturing outcomes. Find out how companies can use the benefits of cloud computing for MES to usher in a new era of manufacturing excellence.


Paper-Less is realigning to go forward

We are actively re-creating the company to position it and its products for bringing the advancements to the factory of the future. Our integration strategy is to help you manage the interconnected ecosystem of commercial software products across your enterprise. Listen to the steps we’ve taken and what we are aiming for the company going forward.

Reimagining our MES for the future of the shop floor

Manufacturing is changing by the minute. It’s being driven by the speed of technological advancement and faster than at any other time in history. At Paper-Less, we know our shop floor management systems must be ready to help make those changes a reality. Learn what we have planned for our MES software and where we see the industry heading.

Cloud & SaaS: what’s in it for Manufacturers

In virtually every area of business, there is a migration to cloud-based software management – and manufacturing is no different. Our manufacturing execution software and business system management services are helping companies make that shift to the cloud. Get an understanding of how moving to off-site software and IT management can make a difference to your throughput and your bottom line.

Positioning shop floor software for the future

Managing every aspect of the shop floor is a large commitment of responsibility. It also takes a large amount of investment to make sure each of those areas sees an advantage from a shop floor management system. Join us for a series on how we’re working hard to provide next-level performance for manufacturers with our software offerings.

How MES leads digital transformation: Our Integration strategy

In order to be effective, manufacturing management systems must communicate with a variety of business systems within a company. Paper-Less is committed to making this integration easier and more productive for our customers. Learn how we are going about this and how it fits with our vision for making the factory of the future a reality.

Paper-Less Customer successes and Q&A

Real-world examples of how a manufacturing execution system increases productivity while reducing waste is just as important as understanding what’s in store for the future of shop floor management software. Getting important questions answered directly from the Paper-Less team is just as priceless. Get both in our last series of talks at our Manufacturing Performance Conference.

The venue - The Ingleside Hotel (Oakton Ballroom)

The event will be held in the Oakton Ballroom located inside the Ingleside Hotel (2810 Golf Road Pewaukee, WI 53072).

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Our Paper-Less staff will be leading this half-day event to provide you with real-world example and first-hand industry knowledge about streamlining shop floor activities with software and to help you get ready for the digital transformation sweeping the industry.

dan headshot

Dan VanKempen
Corporate Director, Operations & Development

erin bonde headshot 2.0

Erin Bonde
Corporate Director, Operations & Communications

tim eliasen headshot

Tim Eliasen
Product Manager - 35 years of industry experience

vern-profile pic

Vern Hanzlik
Managing Director - 35 years of industry experience


Rick Reith
Technical Sales Engineer - 31 years of industry experience

klaus headshot

Klaus Frost
Director of Software Sales - 26 years of industry experience

emily wood profile

Emily Wood
MES Specialist

matt horner headshot

Matt Horner
Director of Software Engineering - 16 years of industry experience

jim headshot

Jim Rozewicz
Business Systems Analyst - 28 years of industry experience

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