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Visibility & Velocity


At ISE and PaperLess we use the term ‘Visibility and Velocity’ quite a bit as a shorthand for what a production firm can receive from instituting a Manufacturing Execution System (MES) in their facility. To shed light on what this term means, we’ve outlined a few of the major aspects that go into that phrase.


Using an MES offers the ability to not only see but understand manufacturing operations at a much more granular level. Every detail and update does not have to travel up through a filter of pre-made forms and human judgements on what’s important.  

MES systems allow a manager to have all available production information collated in one location and in real time. Every machine, work cell and routing process can report its productivity and availability into one system. This provides the manager with the most complete understanding of operations to base decisions on, as well as the opportunity to combine previously siloed information to glean new insights on what effects productivity and efficiency.

That understanding of what’s going on extends past the manager’s desktop. With our MES systems, that information can be broadcast to KPI dashboards on the shop floor so both operators and floor supervisors can immediately take stock of the current production situation and act quickly to find and assess issues before they become large problems. Our systems can extend that information visibility to tablets and mobile devices. This functionality combined with the customizable alert system can keep managers in the loop and responsive wherever they may be – even in meetings or on the plant floor.


Moving to all electronic reporting means data collection and decision making can happen much more quickly – and much closer to real time than can be had with any paper-based production control system.

MV2 records production data in real time and makes it available in real time. This up-to-the-minute reporting gives managers the ability to act immediately to changes in how production operations are functioning. It won’t take a day to find out a machine is down or that an operation is without parts. Managers could know and make adjustments in the same day or less, reducing downtime and lost productivity.

Increased velocity also allows managers to be more responsive to supply chain issues or order changes. MV2 can control the distribution of not only work orders but shop process instructions digitally. When production scheduling needs to change to external demands, those changes can be made quickly without having to wait for a shift change or supervisor’s meeting.

Changes to how products are produced can be updated with much greater efficiency. Process changes would be updated within MV2 and updated at every work center that would need the changed steps. This frees managers from chasing down everywhere an update needs to happen to make sure work instructions are up to date or wait for changes to trickle down through supervisors to workers on the floor.

These are just a small taste for how we envision ‘Visibility and Velocity’ changing with the adoption of one of our manufacturing execution systems. There are certainly many more benefits that we haven’t listed here. Contact us today to lean about how an MES can change the understanding, speed and flexibility of your production operations.   

MV2 is Paper-Less' Premiere MES Software for the Microsoft Space. 

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