Paper-Less Releases Version 5.4.4!

Chalkboard sketch: Handshake symbol aligning twisted paths of arrows

Paper-Less is excited to announce the release of MES 5.4.4. Now available for download!      Some of the New Features and Enhancements … Certified Support Certified support for SQL Server 2019 starting in 5.4 SP2 Certified support for Microsoft Internet Explorer 11.0, Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox Downtime Monitor Dashboard Component  (see…

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Factoring in the Labor Cost of Down Processes with MES.

Blue stop watch icon with arrows swirling around it on digital grid

MACHINE TIME & LABOR TIME Access to the data is the start, interpreting that information towards a decisive action is where advancement occurs. Knowing what machine downtime costs can easily be found by contacting Accounting to detail the machine’s amortization schedule. It can also be calculated through lost revenue stemming from reduced production during the…

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KPIs & Dashboards Help with Productivity

Take Control of Your Data… and take control of your shop floor! Being able to gather information easily is one thing but having the ability to view it and then take action is the real reason for capturing the information in the first place. The KPI & Dashboard Add-On is designed to leverage shop floor…

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ERP Transition & the Benefits of MES Portability

Transitioning to a new ERP is undoubtedly one of the biggest decisions a company can make.  Definitely not a decision to be made lightly, as it impacts many departments, numerous people, and multiple processes.  However, that choice doesn’t always necessitate much time being spent thinking about the company’s MES. The MES is the tool that…

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3 ways Even Small Manufacturing Firms can benefit from MES

Hand about to press power button in middle of circuit/target grid

Having high quality business software inhouse is thought of in the same way as automation systems – it seems that everybody should have them. But the popular assumptions are only the big players can afford systems like these and they just don’t bring the same value to high mix low volume producers.   As in…

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Getting to error free quotation of complex products

Young male programmer in glasses looking closely at screen analyzing code

Selling products with a high degree of customization can be a challenge. Aside from the issues at the forefront of everyone’s mind, like knowing what options are available which are not, keeping staff up to date on that availability and actually showing the customer what configurations would look like, the challenge of quoting the options…

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October is Manufacturing Month

Across the nation Manufacturers were recently recognized for their contributions to all our lives on Friday October 1st, denoted as “Manufacturing Day.”  Wisconsin and other states have taken that appreciation 1 step further recognizing October as Manufacturing Month. Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce (WMC) – the combined state chamber and manufacturers’ association – will be celebrating…

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4 Manufacturing Execution System (MES) Myths

MES interaction diagram 'honeycomb' diagram with ERP

Many firms labor under a few assumptions about MES systems that are simply not true in today’s implementation of manufacturing execution systems. These assumptions may hold people and firms back from achieving measurable gains in their throughput, resource utilization and production efficiency. To help change the conversation on modern MES systems, like our MV2 product,…

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Paper-Less presents MV2 MES at Microsoft Community Summit in October!

Community Summit North America (NA) is the largest independent gathering of the Microsoft Ecosystem. Thousands of people come together from around the globe each year for valuable insights and practical ideas that help them do more with Dynamics 365 and the Power Platform.  It’s where the industry comingles to see what’s new and what’s next. What’s…

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2021 Coolest Thing Made in Wisconsin Contest

Coolest Thing Made in Wisconsin Logo

Nominations are being accepted starting August 16!   This marks the 6th year of this annual contest, celebrating the novel and needed products manufactured by people in our hometowns.   Wisconsin Manufacturing Manufacturing is a part of Midwestern heritage.  And Wisconsin companies make an impressive and incredibly diverse list of products.  Top goods include food…

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Manufacturing in the Midwest

Manufacturing in the midwest (more than agriculture), showing tractor assembly line

To this day I have a distinct memory… being a youngster on the school bus, recognizing I was getting close to downtown because of the smell of yeast. As you might have guessed, the town is Milwaukee, and that smell was beer being produced by one of the larger breweries (actually, turns out more of…

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