Forging Ahead in the “New Norm” – Innovation & Awareness

HAPPY MANUFACTURING MONTH! Here we are in “new normal” for the manufacturing space… well in all spaces really.  Each day, more and more companies are adapting, finding ways to get back up to speed.  In navigating forward there seems to be a renewed emphasis on adaptation; being able to shift and evolve is more important…

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Building a Better Supply Chain for Your Business

Supply Chain image, smart phone use overlaying globe icons & various logistics methods

Guest Blog from Acuity… I have been involved in the manufacturing industry since 1979 and have worked in a wide range of industries for multinational, small, and mid-size companies. Though there was rarely a dull moment, I think 2019 and 2020 have been the most taxing and stressful years when looking at supply chains for…

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Infor XA, Why Upgrade?

Infor announced the end of life for its 9.1 Release of XA on June 30, 2020.  What this means is that Infor Support will still try to help Customers if they have a problem, but no new fixes for that problem will be implemented at the 9.1 level.  Many Customers are currently still on some…

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