High Availability & Disaster Recovery – Part II

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Get up to speed on HA/DR in Part 1 of this series. An additional key aspect to consider in your Infor & IBM environment is planned downtime events, and the ability of your business to tolerate downtime events for regular backups, system upgrades, etc.  Specifically for Infor XA, the daily backup requires that the XA…

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High Availability & Disaster Recovery – Infor XA and IBM i

Many companies are faced with challenging decisions regarding the need for continuous accessibility to their business systems.  This document will discuss the concepts and approaches related to High Availability (HA) and Disaster Recovery (DR) specifically aligned to Infor XA on IBM servers running the IBM i operating system.   The Differences between HA and DR…

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MES Features and Its Benefits to You

In part 1 of this blog we helped to clarify what an MES is and the role it plays in your well functioning manufacturing corporation. In review, an MES is the functional layer between the ERP and the process control systems on the factory floor. Giving manufacturers real-time workflow visibility, flexibility, and insight into how…

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