Guest Blog: 7 Tips to Implement Change Management

Multiple old light bulbs of various sizes with business words in filaments, biggest being "change management"

During my career in manufacturing, I held various positions, and many of them required making changes to the way things were done.   Change can be difficult—and it can be even more difficult to communicate. People come to work and try to do the best job they can. They are proud of their work and…

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Guest Blog: Sustainability Trends for Manufacturing

Suited Man pointing to Trend Arrow graph from group of 8 business icons

As EPA rules change and sustainability becomes a bigger topic, manufacturing practices are changing. Much of that change is driven by governmental regulations, companies themselves, and end users. Also, a new generation of employees want to work for companies that are socially and environmentally responsible.   Before I go into what manufacturing can do to…

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Guest Blog: Cyber Security for Manufacturers

Access, Businessman pointing at unlocked padlock icon of 9 icons in front of him

  At a high-level, what is cybersecurity, and why should manufacturers care? Are there benefits to utilizing an active versus passive protection system for manufacturers?  Cybersecurity is about protecting your industrial computer systems from unauthorized access, preventing theft, damage, or manipulation of those systems.   Unfortunately, industrial control networks were designed decades ago, before cyber…

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