Guest Blog: Creating a Visual Factory

Engineer in hardhat with tablet monitoring automated robotic arms working in plant

If you have read some of my previous blogs, you know I’m a huge supporter of lean manufacturing. During my time in manufacturing, I always felt a good management team knows what is happening within the operation, and lean manufacturing is one of the best ways to accomplish this. On today’s high-tech manufacturing floor, we…

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Is Your IBM Hardware Still Supported?

IBM typeball print head in Black and White

Is your IBM hardware still supported?   IBM systems have proven their reliability over the years and with that some customers have become somewhat complacent about maintenance.  If you have an “older” system that is not covered under maintenance and you needed a replacement part what impact might that have on your business?  How much time…

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$@&* passwords! (Multiple post-its vs. SSO)

Hands typing on laptop with overlay of various business graphs and symbols

We all have a number of online accounts for which a password is required; the bank, credit cards, your physician’s portal, social media, shopping sites, etc.  At ISE we trust that you are diligent at constructing a password that you can remember, but also that others would not easily be able to guess.  That can…

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Infor’s Move to Corretto 8 Java

Correct Direction, Metal disks with arrows follow path of arrows changing from red to green

Infor has recently announced that it will be moving to the Corretto 8 version of Java.  Some of ISE’s customers have asked what this means for them, and that is the focus of this article.   In 2018, Oracle announced that they would start charging businesses for the use of Java SE in January 2019. …

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Guest Blog: Evaluating Leadership at Your Manufacturing Business

Female leading meeting in glass walled conference room

I think we all realize how crucial a company’s leadership is for success. As Acuity’s manufacturing consultant, I see a wide range of companies, and one common thread among the successful ones is a strong leader.   For simplicity’s sake, this article will refer to the leader of a company as the CEO. We know…

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